About Our Company

The customer always comes first, always. Every day, consumers post thousands of reviews on various online review sites. Accurately monitoring all of these online review sites can be nearly impossible and extremely time-consuming for small business owners. We’ve made things much easier for business managers to monitor their online reviews profiles from one beautifully designed dashboard. From within our dashboard, you’ll have insight as to the key problems of your business, and from there, you’ll know what changes you can make to prevent future negative reviews.

The mission of our company is to not only provide our clients with the necessary tools to monitor their online reviews but give them an edge over their competitors. Our company also offers an e-mail and text message notification system to reach out to your customers, asking them to “rate their experience.” We also provide a full-service in some of our packages that would have our experienced team; dispute, appeal, respond, mediate and implement a few other “tips and tricks” to increase your online star rating.

Our company is dedicated to making sure all our clients look their absolute best to potential customers.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide useful review monitoring tools, a SMS/email system, alongside a full service review management solution to allow our clients to improve and maintain their positive review status online. In addition, our mission is to provide a full serviec review management solution to increase the average star rating of all our clients. We want to see all our clients be at 4 stars or better (the sweet spot) to ensure their bottom line is not affected by negative reviews online.

Our Commitment

We're committed to making sure all clients have positive reviews and a positive reputation online. We're committed to getting all our clients back between a 4-5 star range, what we refer to as the "sweet spot". We work hard when it comes to working on your online reviews. We ask that you please do your part to monitor your reviews through our dashboard, and correct any problems you might see through the negative reviews you previously generated. In time, we'll get back to a good positive average.

Services We Offer

- Review monitoring dashboard
- Collect reviews by email & SMS options
- We offer a a review calculator system
- We offer a sophisticated review funnel
- We dispute (delete) reviews
- We appeal (delete) declined removals
- We respond to reviews
- We mediate solutions with reviewers
- We have other 'tricks' we implement

- We take care of everything review related