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Collecting Reviews by Sending Text Messages

In todays day and age, let's face it - everyone has cell phones. With those cell phones, comes installed applications like Yelp and other review site applications. Delivering a message directly to that customer's phone asking them to leave a review will make things much easier for everyone. That customer won't need to try and find your review site but instead, simply click a link you deliver to your customers through our messaging tools. More than 70% of consumers surveyed said they would leave a review if asked. Our text messaging feature will allow you to contact your customers and ask them to rate their experience with your company. All numbers assigned, will have a dedicated local number based on where your business is located so that outgoing messages look more personal. If you're not using this technology, you need to. It works very well with most of our clients.

Send a Single or Bulk SMS

When you go to send a text message, your saved message will preload. At that time, you can select a single text message or select bulk if you have a list of phone numbers you want to send mesages to. Messages will then send immediately.

Respond to Messages

When you send out your text messages, if a customer decides to respond to a text message you'll see it in inside the dashboard. Text messages are limited to 160char, so if you decide to repond in length - might be best to give the cutomer a call.

Text Analytics

Whether you send or receive text messages, on the analytics tab you'll be able to see the monthly and yearly figures when it comes to the messages you've sent to date. You'll also be able to see messages sent, along with logs and more.

Send a SMS

Generate more positive reviews by using our SMS feature from within our dashboard!

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Custom Area Code

When we setup the SMS feature through our dashboard, our company will assign a phone number based on the location of your business. This phone number will have your area code and look unique.

Send Text Messages

In no time you'll be able to send text messages to your customers asking them to "rate their experience". Whether you want to send one message at a time, or do them in bulk - you can.

Receive Messages

If your customers decide to respond to the text messages, you'll be able to see their response. Due to text messages being limited to 160char, it's advised to call them should they respond.

Chat Feature

Unlike our competitors that only provide a method to reach out to your customers, we do have a chat feature in our dashboard that will allow you to see reponses and chat with your customers should they respond to the text.

Setup Templates

When you go to send out your text mesages, it would be nice to have your saved mesage pre-load right? Well, we've gone ahead and done that for you. Just load your outgoing text mesage and hit save for future messages.

Text Analytics

From within the SMS area of our dashboard, you'll be able to see complex analytics regarding your texts. You can see your outgoing, incoming text counts, messages sent, numbers, logs, etc.